Monday, September 18, 2017

Daniels Go-Kart

My information report

My Go-Kart

For inquiry we have to make a simple machine.So I decided to make a small go-kart.

I am probably going to make it out of K-NeX or if that doesn’t work I will make it out of lego.The frame will not be very big.I have tried to make it out of K-NeX, but it was too tall so it looked really weird.For the wheels’ I will probably use gears from the class K-NeX.

What will happen is, you will push it and you can just watch it roll.If I make a life size one it will have pedals and a seat that's IF I make one.

It uses 3 forces kinetic and potential energy and push. Because you need to push it to move it.And it has potential energy before you roll it and kinetic while it’s rolling.

When I make my model go-kart it will more than likely be able to fit a lego person and maybe 2 or 3.

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