Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Summer rain homework

The six towns in wairarapa are:
Masterton is the largest town in wairarapa
Masterton also has a museum just for sheep shearing

Carterton is the top wine producing areas

Early pioneers originally named the town Mellemskov, which means “Heart of the Forest”. This name was eventually discarded in favour of ‘Eketahuna’, a Maori word which means to “run aground on a sandbank” (this name originated because Maori canoes could not paddle beyond this part of the Makakahi River).

Featherston is home to the world’s only Fell Engine - a survivor from the days of the Rimutaka Incline Railway.  The town’s history is strongly linked to the railway and World War One

Historic Greytown is home to excellent examples of Victorian colonial architecture that line the main street - in fact, it's New Zealand's most complete street of wooden Victorian buildings.

Martinborough has more than twenty wineries and it is said that it has the best Pinot noir

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