Thursday, June 1, 2017

The Camp Was Usual Enough

Screenshot 2017-02-20 at 12.33.10 PM.pngThe camp was usual enough it had;A river, a bridge, a restaurant, tents, And cabins I never slept in.My friends and friends Dad did what boys do- played N.F.L, parkour, flips on bars, exploded with laughter, ate delicious blackberries and messed about on the playground doing nothing worthwhile.
By Daniel.
Pulleys are pieces of rope and there is  something that looks like a wheel to attach the rope to.

You can use pulleys to lift things instead of using your hands.

I like pulleys because you can use them to lift things heavier than you.

The best thing about pulleys is they lift things heavier than you.

Take A Trip inside my mind

Take a trip inside my magic mind, it’s where I go when I am confused or when I daydream about awesome things that are going to happen in the future. I dream of being able to change to any awesome animal of my choice. I can often be found in the movie Moana. In the movie there are Moana and Maui. At times I feel wowed because I think I’m in a real land. When no one is watching I play on minecraft at night. I think of a huge zombie apocalypse. (if that is ever going to happen) I wonder if I can live in minecraft or roblox. My hope is I want to live in Lolly land.